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  • Audio Examples

  • Audio Examples

    Audio Examples Below are of our mixing work. There are songs from all genre's both done here at Starsound Studios and elsewhere. The songs done elsewhere are contest mixes. They consist of downloading all of the tracks and mixing them from the original raw WAV files.

    The raw WAV files have no processing on them. The audio tracks arrive as the original recording. The audio files do not come in mix form. We gain stage them immediately. Then we make individual choices as to what each instrument needs and treat them accordingly. All the while monitoring the entire mix through our mastering rig. The final MP-3 version of the master files here on this page which is the result of our mixing work.

    Our Audio examples show a variety of mix choices and usage of effects. We can take a song of yours and mix it to sound commercial ready. Even if you first record it somewhere else. Or we can record your song here and do the same. Whether you record the raw files here or elsewhere, it is irrelevant. As always, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Rudeboy Skankin

  • The Hunt

  • Queen Of The Night

  • Show Me Love

  • Wicked Game

  • Still Need U

  • Wouldn't Do The Same

  • Usher's Crash

  • Firework

  • All I Ever Wanted

  • Open Your Mouth

  • Sing Along

  • Movin' On

  • Blur

  • The Surface Of Things

  • Always With Me

  • In The Dark

  • What You Desire

  • Say The Word

  • Runaway Love

  • Circumstances

  • Where Do I Sign

  • Basic Girl

  • Ways

  • Let There Be Light

  • Jealousy

  • Coulda Been Something

  • Give It Away

  • All I See Is You

  • Angels

  • Don't Stop

  • Be About It

  • Sparkling Blue

  • Bath Tub

  • Sing Me Away Rock Rewind Cover

  • Back On My Feet Again Rock Rewind Cover

  • Baba O'Reiley Rock Rewind Cover

  • New England

  • Double Vision

  • Ugly

  • Why You Gotta Make Me Do It