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    Mastering Engineering

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    Voice-Overs & Vocals

  • Beat Production Studio

    Our Beat Production Studio has all the tools you will need to make radio-ready R&B songs or rap beats. It has Izotope software including their creative bundle - (Neutron Advanced, Ozone 7 Advanced, Vocal Synth, Nectar 2, Trash 2, Insight and RX plugins). The beat production studio also has EZ Drummer and EZ Keys as well as a keyboard controller. The studio creates an environment for you to come in and create. Did we mention the sub? It is the matching sub to the Event 20/20 P speakers. This room gives you superior quality gear for a very reasonable price.

    Use the facility to create your music. You can choose to have an engineer help you or work alone. Work in our beat production studio with excellent audio speakers, equipment, and space. You can then decide to take those beats to another facility or use our Studio B or Studio A to finish your project if desired.

    Our assistant engineer has a music degree from Tiffin University, who is also a rapper, singer, and beat producer. He can help guide you to the beats and sounds that you are looking for. Also, he can suggest ways and sounds that could enhance your song. We are glad to have him aboard to help with the beat production studio in particular. He is a competent engineer to help facilitate your sound.

  • Make Your Mixes Translate

    Use our assistant engineer to help make your tracks able to translate into any recording studio. This means you must make the tracks the same length from start to finish. This allows you to take those tracks and import them into any DAW. Keep all of those tracks effects free also. The raw tracks should remain effects free because studio effects are superior in sound quality. Adding a chorus pedal to a guitar as you record will not be as effective as adding it after the fact.

    The problem with ready-made beats is they do not have that particular artist's voice in mind. That means they may have an instrument that interferes with your vocal frequency, therefore, masking your vocals. Using the beat production studio means that will not happen because we will ensure that it does not. Oh, and by the way, using our assistant engineer will not increase the cost of your studio time! How cool is that?

    Book your next session in our beat production studio. Or, come in and take a look at our facility. You will love the results!