• Starsound Studios picture of ProTools Mixing Board on a computer monitor


    Starsound Studios picture of our drum set ready to record


    Starsound Studios picture of our mixing and mastering rack of gear

    Mastering Engineering

    Starsound Studios picture of our Neuman microphone ready for voice overs and vocals

    Voice-Overs & Vocals

  • Video Walkthrough

    Take our video walkthrough tour.  Hopefully, this will answer most of your questions before deciding on which studio to choose.  We feel you will select Starsound Studios every time.  During the walkthrough video, you will see all three of our recording studios.  Each ...

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    Video Of A Recording Studio Ohio

    Video Of A Recording Studio Ohio.  Our Control Room A is a professional listening environment. It has the proper corrective acoustic treatment. Treatment in control room A ensures the best listening environment possible. The key is to analyze the situation. It will determine where to ...

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    Videos Of A Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

    Check out our Videos Of A Recording Studio.  We are filming and writing about our recording studio in Cleveland Ohio.  We are providing information about unique features of our studio.  Today we are showing you our monitoring system.   There is no excellent ...

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    Recording Studio Ohio

    Recording Studio Ohio.  Starsound studios in Cleveland Ohio specializes in recording guitars.  We have a way of getting that perfect guitar sound.  We record two microphones off of the cabinet plus a direct channel right from the guitar.  This way we can manipulate that...

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    Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

    Starsound Studios is the best recording studio Cleveland Ohio. There are several factors in choosing a recording studio.  We will show you five reasons to choose Starsound Studios. First, is setting proper levels. The second reason is capturing the sound in the room and it translating...

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    Recording Audio In Cleveland Ohio

    Recording audio in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios is the best choice. Microphones. Which one do you choose to record your next project? Which is the best? How do you get that sound? We are here to help you with these answers and much more. Starsound Studios is the best recording ...

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    Mixing Audio In Cleveland Ohio

    Mixing audio in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios. Set your mixing and mastering chain up before making any mixing moves. You must make your choices based upon the final workflow chain. A common mistake is to mix your song and then put a limiter on at the end and raise the level. ...

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    Buy Beats In Cleveland Ohio

    Buy Beats in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios the best recording studio in Cleveland. Starsound Studios motto is best practices. We always have our clients interests in mind, not our wallets and we will never compromise that principle.  We offer beat production services to ...

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    Karaoke Vocals Recorded Professionally In Cleveland Ohio

    Karaoke Vocals Professionally Recorded In Cleveland Ohio. It is a device that plays instrumental accompaniments for your favorite songs. The user sings along with their favorite song. The result is a combination of the two that records the user's singing with the music from the karaoke ...

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    Green Screen Studio In Cleveland Ohio

    Starsound Studios Green Screen Studio In Cleveland Ohio Best Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio We use our green screen studio in Cleveland Ohio as a backdrop for chroma key video and photos. It is a process that changes a solid-color background from behind the people with a different ...

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