• Starsound Studios picture of ProTools Mixing Board on a computer monitor


    Starsound Studios picture of our drum set ready to record


    Starsound Studios picture of our mixing and mastering rack of gear

    Mastering Engineering

    Starsound Studios picture of our Neuman microphone ready for voice overs and vocals

    Voice-Overs & Vocals

  • Recording Studio Cleveland

    Check out the videos of our recording studio Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios. Studio A offers an analog/digital hybrid way of recording. It uses 4 Audient mic preamps. The preamps signal is then going through our DBX compressor and EQ before it goes into ...

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    Recording Studio C

    Our Recording Studio C has all the tools you will need to make radio-ready R and B songs or rap beats. It features an all software based studio with ProTools 12.8. It also has Izotope software including their creative-bundle - (Neutron Advanced, Ozone 7 Advanced, Vocal Synth, Nectar ...

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    Recording Studio B

    Recording Studio B has several differences from our flagship Control Room A. That being said; it lacks nothing in quality. Both have Pro-Tools 12.8. Recording Studio B has Pro-Tools 12 instead of Pro-Tools 12 High-Definition HDX. The room utilizes electronics rather than live ...

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    Recording Vocals

    Recording vocals are our specialty at Starsound Studios. Any vocal recording must have great care taken in the choice of microphones and pre-amps. Capturing the right sound is paramount. Recording vocals is a very intimate situation. We take pride in providing a vocal artist the ...

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    Video Of A Recording Studio Ohio

    Video Of A Recording Studio Ohio.  Our Control Room A is a professional listening environment. It has the proper corrective acoustic treatment. Treatment in control room A ensures the best listening environment possible. The key is to analyze the situation. It will determine where to ...

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    Videos Of A Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

    Check out our Videos Of A Recording Studio.  We are filming and writing about our recording studio in Cleveland Ohio.  We are providing information about unique features of our studio.  Today we are showing you our monitoring system.   There is no excellent ...

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    Recording Studio Ohio

    Recording Studio Ohio.  Starsound studios in Cleveland Ohio specializes in recording guitars.  We have a way of getting that perfect guitar sound.  We record two microphones off of the cabinet plus a direct channel right from the guitar.  This way we can manipulate that...

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    Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

    Starsound Studios is the best recording studio Cleveland Ohio. There are several factors in choosing a recording studio.  We will show you five reasons to choose Starsound Studios. First, is setting proper levels. The second reason is capturing the sound in the room and it translating...

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    Recording Audio In Cleveland Ohio

    Recording audio in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios is the best choice. Microphones. Which one do you choose to record your next project? Which is the best? How do you get that sound? We are here to help you with these answers and much more. Starsound Studios is the best recording ...

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    Mixing Audio In Cleveland Ohio

    Mixing audio in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios. Set your mixing and mastering chain up before making any mixing moves. You must make your choices based upon the final workflow chain. A common mistake is to mix your song and then put a limiter on at the end and raise the level. ...

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