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  • Beat Production at Starsound

    Buy Beats here at Starsound Studios. We offer beat production services to everyone online. Get that Akai MPC professional sound. Purchase our exclusive beats for an affordable price. We will include in your package the following items. First, you will receive the track out. Every track will have the same start and end time. This way you can line the WAV files up in any Digital Audio Workstation. Secondly, you can get the ProTools file. You can open it and see the plugins and settings within ProTools. If you own the same plugins in use, it will open as it does in our studio. Lastly, we will also offer you the WAV file mixed and consolidated down to two-track.

    Buy beats at Starsound Studios and see how much we go the extra mile to make sure you have everything you need to make the next big hit. Whether you are an R&B artist, RAP performer, DUBStep, or any other musician in need of a beat, we have you covered. No one else will ever have your rhythm. We only sell exclusive songs. No MP-3's either.

  • Buy Beats The Starsound Way

    We understand that selling non-exclusive beats will make us more money. We also realize that marketing MP-3's will allow for more customers. But it is wrong. You should never use an MP-3 to take to a studio after purchasing a beat. Also, having the track out will enable a studio to carve out the sounds of the song for your particular vocal frequencies. If the song has already been through mixdown to WAV or MP-3, your song will sound like your vocals are just sticking on top of the beat. There is nothing wrong with the song; the process has flaws.

    That process is why we sell exclusive beats with track outs. This way you can have the song manipulated for your vocals, and they will not sound as if they were stuck just stuck on. For this reason, we will only give you what is in the best interest of your artistry and offer it at an affordable price. This way you will not have to compromise.