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    Mastering Engineering

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    Voice-Overs & Vocals

  • Control Room A

  • Welcome To Our Control Room A

    Our Control Room A is a professional listening environment. It has the proper corrective acoustic treatment. Treatment in control room A ensures the best listening environment possible. The key is to analyze the room. It will determine where to put acoustic treatment. Do the acoustic measurement again after the treatment. It makes sure that the room performs as it should. Control Room A passes with flying colors and did better than the expert would expect. The room now enables our equipment to sound its best.

    The Control Room A has multiple absorbers. They absorb sound. It has bass traps located in the corners. Bass sound builds up in the corners. The room also has diffusion. Diffusion panels do just that They are designed to scatter sound when it is struck. Those treatments are on both the walls and ceiling.

    There is an absorption cloud over the mix position in our Control Room A as well. It hangs just below the tiles on the ceiling. The acoustic cloud gives us the widest sweet spot possible. Starsound Studios control room is a 16-foot wide room. The depth of our control room is 15 feet. The ceiling height is 10 feet. The room also has two sofas and two mix position chairs. These creature comforts provide our clients and us with plenty of space to relax. Space also allows the luxury to bring in the extra equipment of your own to record.


    Starsound Studios has a 16 foot by 22 foot live room. It has been treated with acoustic panels in the same manner as the control room. It offers guitar amplifiers and cabinet combinations. We have both a full Marshall and Mesa Boogie matching amplifier and cabinet combinations. The live room also has five high-end keyboard options as well. Achieve a perfect piano sound with the Roland RD 800. The perfect analog sound comes from two of our boards, the Prophet 12 and the Moog Sub Phatty. Last but not least, is our Hammond SK 1. They are the organ Gurus. The last keyboard is the Roland Vocoder which provides that great synth vocal.

    One of the unique features we have is the Dynamount. It allows us to automatically move the microphone on the cabinet in real time as a guitarist plays the instrument. What does that mean? We can dial in your exact tone with a press of a button. That button press moves the microphone at the other end of the room. You can now decide in real time what your guitar will sound like on your record. How cool is that!!

    Lastly, we have a lighting rig and mounted cameras within the light truss. We can light you properly and capture your recording session on video. You can use it as documentation of the event, or use it as a band video. Finish off a session with a photo shoot in our Green Screen Room! Think about it, at Starsound Studios you have every recording, video, photo, and mastering option in one location. Take advantage today!


    Studio A has you covered. We offer a 16 channel mixer right on your microphone stand. It receives a full signal, and you can dial in your mix independently of each other and the actual recording. We offer the Behringer X Air 18. It is controllable by a tablet.

    The sound is mixed on the Hear Technologies Hear Back Mixer to split the signal to the X Air. The X-Air receives the kick, snare, toms, cymbals, keys guitar 1, guitar 2, bass, 5 vocal channels, Stereo ProTools, and the Click Track.

    All 16 channels are at your disposal. Turn them up or down at your whim. On each channel of your individual mixer is a section to add EQ or compression to the sound as well.  Also, the X-Air offers effects, Reverb, Delay, and more on each channel that is controllable by a tablet. All of that flexibility without harming the original tracks that you are recording. Starsound Studios can dial in a mix you will love tracking with guaranteed!! Come by and check it out. We feel you will be amazed.

  • Studio Equipment List 1

    1. ATC SM25 Pro speakers

    2. Focal Spirit Headphones

    3. JBL Eon speakers

    4. Avantone Mix Cube speakers

    5. Sweetwater Creation Station

    6. Octo Card Universal Audio

    7. Duo Card Universal Audio

    8. Pro Tools HD-I/O 32 channels

    9. Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD

    10. Audient Microphone Preamp 32 channels

    12. Dangerous Music 2 Bus LT

    13. S-3 Control Surface

    14. Pro-Tools Dock

    15. Avid Eucontrol

    16. Cloud Lifter on all dynamic microphones

    17. Universal Audio LA-610 Mic Preamp

    18. Radial Ox8 32 channels

    19. Hear Technologies Hear Back for monitors

    20. Dangerous Music Monitor ST

    21. Behringer X Air XR 18 Monitor Controller

    22. Behringer P 16 M Six personal mixers

  • Studio Equipment List 2

    1. Dangerous Music Additional Switching System

    2. Presonus Studio Channel for room mic's

    3. Neuman TLM 49 Vocal Microphone

    4. Coleman Audio Qaud VU Meter

    5. Dynamount automatic mic movers

    500 MODULES

    6. dbx 530 Parametric Equalizer (twenty)

    7. dbx 560 A Compressor (twenty)

    8. 542 Rupert Neve tape emulator

    9. 543 Rupert Neve compressor

    10. 551 Rupert Neve Equalizer

    11. X Filter Elysia Stereo Equalizer

    12. Nvelop Elysia Stereo EQ Dynamics

    13. XPressor Elysia Stereo Compressor

    14. Karacter Elysia Stereo Tone Color Generator

    15. DBX Subharmonic Synthesizers

    16. Radial EXTC Guitar FX Interface

    17. PH-1 Coleman Audio1/8 inch interface

    18. Radial XAMP Re-amping Module