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    Starsound Studios picture of our drum set ready to record


    Starsound Studios picture of our mixing and mastering rack of gear

    Mastering Engineering

    Starsound Studios picture of our Neuman microphone ready for voice overs and vocals

    Voice-Overs & Vocals

  • Play Room

  • Welcome To Our Play Room For Control Room B

    Our Play Room is a 15 x15 space. The room offers every member of the band an eight channel personal headphone mixer. Our studio provides enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. It has a glass window for the group and the engineer to have a line of sight with each other. The engineer has eye contact yet the room isolates for the best possible sound.

    Starsound Studios has made this second control room with the ability to look into the playroom. The playroom offers two Eleven Rack processors for the guitarists to use. It also provides a Sans Amp bass processor for the bassist in your band to use. The playroom offers a Korg X5-D, and Korg MiniLog keyboards as well. There are four microphones for scratch vocals that keep the group in time.

    The drum set that lives in the playroom is a Pearl E-Kit. It is a seven-piece kit. It has five toms. We incorporate four drum brains to split the drums for mixing just like a real drum set. The kick and snare are on their own. The toms are on their own, and the cymbals are in their brain. The all-electronic feature of control room B and its playroom mean the best sound without any bleed. It also offers a big-time tone for a very reasonable price. If you have a smaller budget, this is the perfect solution to your needs.

    This room is all electronic and not designed for live amplifiers. It is intended for budget-minded artists and bands that want something to be able to show a venue, yet have a fantastic sound. The room's design is to have plug and playability. If your group has a tight budget, this is the place to be!

  • Vocal Microphone For Control Room B

    Let's talk microphones. We have the Blue Microphones Blueberry microphone to record main vocals. It runs to the Focusrite Liquid Channel mic pre-amp. The Focusrite allows us to emulate ten different high-end pre-amplifiers. It also permits the use of ten different top of the line equalizers. Lastly, it also allows the use of ten different compressor emulation. These emulations are done all at once through one pre-amplifier. A custom channel strip is available for each singer.