• Videos Of A Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

  • Check Out Our Videos Of A Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio

    Check out our Videos Of A Recording Studio.  We are filming and writing about our recording studio in Cleveland Ohio.  We are providing information about unique features of our studio.  Today we are showing you our monitoring system.  

    There is no excellent recording without a superior monitoring system.  Most studios send a few monitor sends to an artists headphones for them to share.  We know that each hears differently.  So a couple of sends do not cut it in our eyes.  So we have a completely separate system from our DAW.  Our live room signal is going to a splitter box.  Each microphone is splitting two ways.  One to our DAW and one to our monitoring system.  Our unique studio features are why we are making Videos Of A Recording Studio to provide you with our studio information to choose where to record.

    Since our monitoring system is independent of the signal that is recording into ProTools, you as the artist can manipulate the sound any way you wish.  Furthermore, you can manage the incoming signal in your headphones without affecting any other band member.  Each member of the group can mix the sound however they see fit.  They have sixteen individual channels to mix to their liking.  The fact that you have sixteen channels at your disposal means each performer has an outstanding mix to deliver an excellent performance.  The fact that you can have a mix without affecting the recording or another band member is why we are making Videos Of A Recording Studio.

  • Audio Effects Modules

    At each mic is a vocal effects module.  A module at each mic stand enables every vocal performer to have reverb, delay, and doubling effects to their exact liking.  These are also independent of the other members of the group.  Independent mixes mean each performer has the precise amount of audio effects and a perfect sound blend.  Typical studios send one audio reverb or delay for everyone.  So if you want more reverb, you cannot have it when someone else in the group says it is too much.  The sharing of mixes and sound effects does not happen at Starsound Studios.  You can have what you wish in the exact manner you want it to the ability of the module. 

    The clear choice is Starsound Studios which is why we are making Videos Of A Recording Studio.