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    Mastering Engineering

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    Voice-Overs & Vocals

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    Our company videos will show you all about Starsound Studios. Starsound Studios videos will show the recording studio. A vast array of equipment will be on display and will show you what we are capable of doing for you.

    The equipment we offer you to use is a Marshall guitar rig. It includes the amplifier head, rock crusher, and matching speaker cabinet. The entire Mesa Boogie guitar rig is available as well. Also, the bass rig is an Ampeg amplifier head, rock crusher, and matching speaker cabinet.

    We have an eight-piece drum set. A PDP kit with five toms - 2 kick drums - multiple snare drums to choose from - and six cymbals resides in our professionally treated drum room. The drums are set up at all times, and mic'd up and ready to go. The videos will show how our equipment shines!

    The videos will also show our professional treatmet in the control room. It has all the amenities! Our equipment rack is full of analog gear fully that integrates with the digital. It is an analog-digital hybrid system. It incorporates the best of analog with the best that digital has to offer. This meld analog and digital sets Starsound Studios apart. Our company videos show how we are apart from all the rest.

    The company also provides website design, graphic design, photography, a green screen room, and a stage with lights to take pictures on. Starsound Studios a one stop shop. The company offers all of these services and are a one destination studio for everything your project could need. Promo video, flyers, website design, for all of your digital needs.

    Contact us to book your next session or if you need further clarification on any of our services.

  • Stem/Track Preparation

    This is our first tutorial so be gentle. It is to show you how to prepare stems/tracks to be mixed without clipping a plug-in. Enjoy!

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