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    Best Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio

    Audio Mastering In Ohio starts with the tracks captured the correct way in the recording process as well as a mix starting point with the headroom to grow. Come to Starsound Studios, which is the Best Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and see the difference we can make. We have an analog-digital hybrid system also. It allows us to use the best of both analog and digital gear for audio mastering in Ohio.

    Starsound Studios uses Rupert Neve 500 modules to start the final master. The analog modules are the first in the line of gear we use on our masters. The analog modules make us the best place to have your Audio Mastering in Ohio done.

    Starsound Studios uses secret weapons on the digital side also. The analog modules return to ProTools by an auxiliary track. This track allows us to put our plugins on it before it goes to the print track. The plugins we use are a tape emulator, a sum and side eq, a second eq, and a limiter. These plugins help us achieve that competitive radio master as well.

  • Audio Mastering In Ohio - More To The Story


    This analog/digital hybrid system makes us the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. But the story does not stop there. Mastering also is delivering a product to the correct medium specifications. You cannot just upload anything to Sound Cloud as an example. We deliver to their specifications. These specifications are different than Spotify, which are different from YouTube. So if you upload a song to the wrong level, they squash it to match what their specifications are and say congratulations it is done!

    We understand this process and give you several different masters with these various companies' specifications in mind. So you do not get one master, you get several. This way, your master complies with any spec and does not get changed by that company. The result is your songs sound better than others on that medium. Let us show you why we are the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and the perfect choice for your audio mastering in Ohio as well.

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