• Audio Mixing In Ohio

    Best Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio - Starsound Studios

    Audio Mixing In Ohio starts with the tracks captured the correct way in the recording process. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. All you can do is make it sound less awful. Come to Starsound Studios, which is the Best Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and see the difference we can make. Starsound Studios make sure to meet your expectations and mix to industry-standard levels. We have an analog-digital hybrid system. It allows us to have the best of both analog and digital equipment. In the heated debate between whether to use analog or digital, we do both.

    Starsound Studios uses an analog summing matrix to get that warm sound. We also have Rupert Neve 500 modules that help round out a mix. We have a Pro Tools 16 channel HD I/O that acts as a portal to our analog modules. You can choose the analog modules as plugins! How cool is that? An analog module that you can select as a plugin is what makes us the best place to have your Audio Mixing in Ohio done. An analog processor used in a DAW as a plugin is a great tool.

  • Audio Mixing In Ohio - The Digital Side


    Starsound Studios uses secret weapons on the digital side also. A tape emulator starts off at the top of our return track. We use a sum and side processor to give a song weight and girth. A Limiter is last in our chain and provides competitive radio loudness. Digital is not evil. It offers our studios abilities that you could only dream of in the past. So we use both. This analog/digital hybrid system makes us the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Book a session or take a tour and see why.

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