• Audio Recording In Ohio

    Best Recording Studio in Cleveland Ohio

    Audio Recording In Ohio starts with the tracks captured the correct way. Here is where there should be no compromise. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. All you can do is make what you recorded sound less awful. Come to Starsound Studios, which is the Best Recording Studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and see the difference we can make.

    Starsound Studios has three Dynamounts. They are a motorized moving microphone platform, and we use them to dial in a guitar sound while never leaving the control room. Imagine, move a microphone across a guitar cabinet while seated and playing in the control room. Never wonder what your guitar sounds like again.

    What makes us the best place to have your Audio Recording in Ohio done is the way we prepare for a session. We go over the drumset with a fine-tooth comb. Everything is tuned, working correctly, and ready to sit down and get levels. We offer four high-end keyboards, a full Messa Boogie guitar rig, a full Marshall guitar rig, and a full Ampeg bass rig. Plus, 12 high-end guitars and basses are at your disposal.

  • Audio Recording In Ohio - Secret Weapons


    Starsound Studios uses secret weapons like a 16 channel mixer right on your microphone stand. You can dial in your mix independently of all other members of the group and the recording of the tracks. You will also have high-end isolation headphones with a red side and a black side to know which one to put on which ear. Lastly, there are microphones at everyone's position to communicate with band members.

    These are just a few examples of what makes us the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, and your choice to have an audio recording in Ohio done. Come see why.

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