• Kanye West and Britney Spears may need Auto-Tune to perfect their soundtracks, but Justin Bieber says that his producers do not use it to make his vocal recordings. When asked about his use of this effective computer program, Justin said that he used another program instead, like 99% of the artists making music. Major players in the music industry know about the available programs. Still, most ordinary music lovers have no idea what he was talking about.

    Is Justin right about the other artists in the music industry? The answers to these questions will fascinate music lovers around the world.

    Auto-Tune is a patented processor used by record producers and audio engineers around the world. They use the program in their recording studios and at live performances. Initially, the inventors designed the program to correct an imperfect vocal recording that is off-key. Of course, the engineers and record producers understand the technology that makes the program work. Still, ordinary people need to know that the program aids in a vocal recording in sounding better. It is used to correct a faulty pitch in a vocal recording. Some artists ask their producers to polish a track using the program. Other performers cannot really sing well and use the program to correct their voice until it sounds great. At the request of an artist, engineers and producers also use the program to create special effects.

  • Auto-Tune - Can It Make You Sound Better?


    Kanye West is on record saying that Auto-Tune makes him sound better, but he does not need the help. Although many singers who use the brilliant program deny it, West acknowledges how and why he uses it. A contestant on the X-Factor accused Demi Lovato of using the computer program to enhance her voice. Lovato proved him wrong by singing in front of live audiences without using help from a computer program. She has a magnificent singing voice without any help from a computer. Miley Cyrus might use Auto-Tune when recording in a studio. Still, she proved she did not need it when she sang a cappella on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Music producers never discuss specifics about the use of Auto-Tune. That would be revealing trade secrets about the talent of their clients.

    Ultimately, consumers have the final judgment on Auto-Tune. Most music lovers have never heard of Auto-Tune and buy music based on the sound rather than the production process. When music lovers spend money to buy a track, the process is rarely a factor in their choice.

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