• Buy Beats In Cleveland Ohio

    September 19, 2017 | Wade Nichols
  • Buy Beats in Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios the best recording studio in Cleveland. Starsound Studios motto is best practices. We always have our clients interests in mind, not our wallets and we will never compromise that principle. 

    We offer beat production services to everyone online. Get that Akai MPC pro sound that you hear all over the radio. Buy our exclusive beats for an affordable price. We know that selling non-exclusive beats will make more money. We also understand that selling MP-3's will allow for more customers for every song. But it is wrong.

    You should never use an MP-3 to take to a studio after you buy beats because it is already dithered down. Also, having a track out will enable a studio to carve out the sounds of the beat for your particular vocal frequencies. If the song has already been through mix down to WAV or MP-3, your song will sound like your vocals were slapped on top of the beat. Because that is what is happening. There is nothing wrong with the beat, the process has flaws. This is the reason to buy beats in Cleveland Ohio from Starsound Studios.

    When choosing a beat, keep in mind that beat was not made for your voice.  Someone just put a beat together in hopes that someone would buy it.  The person creating the beat never hears your voice.  They put instruments into the song that will mask your vocals.  This is why custom beats are the best way to go.  This is why you should buy beats in Cleveland Ohio from Starsound Studios.

  • Buy Beats In Cleveland Ohio - Always Get A Track-out


    This is why we have clients buy beats with track outs. This way you can have the song manipulated for your vocals and they will not sound as if they were just stuck on. For this reason, we will only give you what is in the best interest of your artistry and offer it at an affordable price. This way you will not have to compromise. Just one more reason to buy beats in Cleveland Ohio from the best recording studio in Cleveland – Starsound Studios.