• Choosing A Cleveland Recording Studio

    February 10, 2016 | Wade Nichols
  • There are several reasons for you to choose a Cleveland recording studio. First, Starsound Studios is a Cleveland recording studio that provides recording. It includes mixing and mastering, and it has graphic and web design services. It is all under one roof. The fact that everything is under one roof is essential. It takes more than creativity and musical talent to make a hit record.

    Working with several businesses to finish your project is expensive. It can hurt the whole process, and your work may suffer. Working with the same Cleveland recording studio from start to finish helps make sure it sounds right.

  • Cleveland Recording Studio - Carefully Chosen Equipment


    We have a wide range of analog and digital gear. It allows us to be flexible and have the best sound. It includes Pro Tools. Pro Tools is the industry-standard recording software.

    Our A.T.C monitors have the clarity for a perfect mix. The Avantone Mix Cubes lets you hear how your music will sound in a typical consumer listening setup. Each recording passes through a high-quality microphone preamp. Our preamps range from the highly flexible Focusrite Liquid Channel to the warm-sounding Universal Audio LA-610. The console grade Audient preamps are in Studio A. All of our preamps let us capture the sound correctly.

    Accurately recording and playing back sound is one part of the puzzle. The other part is being able to balance and shape the music. We have a vast collection of analog gear. Those audio processors make Starsound Studios one of the best Cleveland recording studios. It is capable of changing a series of recordings into a great musical product.

  • Accurate Recording and Mixing Rooms


    All the gear in the world will not make an excellet recording if the room is sparse. Working in an untreated space is going to be wrong. Stay clear of any studio whose walls are bare. There are two reasons. First, the higher sound frequencies bounce off of hard surfaces. Lastly, the low ones can build up and trick your ears into thinking there is more bass sound than there is. This can lead to bad mixes.

    A lousy room can lead to bad sound. The finished track may sound awful, and it may have too much or too little bass. Also, it could have a sharp or dull high end. The sound could have a muddy-sounding mid-range when played outside of the studio.

    Our large control rooms have well-placed sound panels. It also has bass traps and frequency scattering panels. This sound treatment makes it a beautiful sounding Cleveland recording studio. It is a perfect room for creating an album that will sound great no matter where it's played.


  • Who Runs The Number One Cleveland Recording Studio?


    Wade is a musician as well as an audio engineer. That means you are putting your project into great hands. Also, he is someone who knows both live sound and recording music. Starsound Studios is offering all of that experience at a price that you can afford. We understand that every band does not have a large budget. Therefore, the studio provides a variety of rooms who's prices are within reach.

    We have everything a proper Cleveland recording studio should have. The first is a full range of services. Secondly, outstanding gear. Next, excellent recording and listening spaces. Lastly, Wade has over two decades of experience in changing music into magic. Book your session today!

  • Wade Nichols

    Owner of Starsound Studios

    Starsound Studios is a high-tech Cleveland recording studio.  We service both Cleveland and Akron. We also serve all of the Northeast Ohio areas. 'Bringing you Starsound Quality for Less! We focus on providing high-quality studio and web design services for bands at affordable prices.
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