• Communication – How Do You Prepare For A Recording Session Studio 101

    February 20, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • Communication between a recording studio and their clients is vitalDiscussing everything about the project before the recording starts is paramount. We put together this series to help the recording session run as smoothly as possible. Each of our videos fit together and overlap. Communication is the glue that brings all of these suggestions together. A Client's understanding of the recording process and why a studio engineer is making suggestions is essential. A studio engineer needs guidance from the client to help get the entire process to finish on time. Also, they need that guidance to give you what you came to the studio for in the first place. A discussion over this whole process is the communication we are referring to.

    Communication starts with how long it will take and how much it will cost for that time. We feel ten hours a song is what it should take. It is taking into account several things. First, is a two hour set up time. The setup includes every instrument's microphone level being set on the pre-amps. It is also taking into account the converters of the interface. Listening to every instrument part playing together as a group is very important. Sometimes there are masking of frequencies between musical instruments. Keeping in mind that there is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. The recording must be done right from the beginning. Taking care of this step ensures the song will come out the way it should.

    Secondly, is the time it takes to mix and master a song. This depends upon the individual audio engineer. I average three to four hours when mixing and mastering songs. Mixing depends upon the original recording. So if care is taken at that point, mixing and mastering can be less of a mess.

  • What Else Is Involved With Communication?


    Communication with the studio is also about how much editing you require. We suggest playing to a click track. Playing to a click track means less editing. On average, spending two hours on editing is standard. Editing is more for songs that artists are sending to me to mix and master.

    The third step is recording the group. This is the least predictable time frame. How much preparation that a client does before coming to the studio is not known. The fact that we are doing this series will tell you that there is a need for preparing. This is no disrespect. How can you know what you don't know? That is why we are doing this series. Helping someone when entering any recording environment, home, or commercial is enormous. Three hours is the average here in our studios.

    The communication between the studio and their clients will reveal every aspect of how long it will take to get your project done. That can be a moving target, which also needs discussion. Nothing ever runs entirely the way the planning happens. However, if a plan takes place, there will be an understanding of if hang-ups may happen. In my estimation, it will take ten hours per song. Some have gone quicker and others longer. The average has been ten hours. That is why we have a ten-hour minimum in our studios.

    Communication is key. Do not be afraid of asking questions and getting clarification. If a studio has an issue with that, move on to a different one. Better yet, give us a call. This is standard practice here.

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