• Control Room B

  • Control Room B is a professional listening environment. It has proper corrective acoustic treatment. Treatment in the room ensures the best listening environment possible. The key is to analyze the control room because it determines where to put the acoustic treatment. Once you have finished applying the acoustic procedure, do the acoustic measurement again because it makes sure that the room performs as it should. The control room now enables our equipment to sound its best.

    Control Room B has multiple panels, and they absorb sound. It has bass traps located in the corners. Bass sound builds up in the corners, and the bass trap panels trap that sound energy. The room also has diffusion. Diffusion panels do just that. A diffusor's design is to scatter sound when audio is striking it. Those treatments are on both the walls and ceiling to reduce standing waves and flutter echo.

  • Control Room B Difference


    Control Room B has several differences from Control Room A. Both have Pro-Tools 2018.3. Control Room B utilizes electronics rather than live instruments to record. The room incorporates the Eleven Rack guitar processor instead of a guitar amplifier. Also, it provides an electronic drum set. A Sans Amp RBI processor rather than a bass amplifier is also available. Both its control room and its playroom are smaller than Control Room A.

    Both control rooms offer analog summing with the Dangerous 2-Bus LT. Control Room B provides a Rupert Neve Stereo Field Editor to finalize a mix. It allows the engineer to manipulate through Mid-Side processing. It also offers the same features, just in a smaller package. Our clients have a choice in regards to budget but compromise nothing on sound quality.

    The room offers a line of sight and an excellent monitoring system. Our headphone monitoring system provides eight individual channels. So, if you are looking for an inexpensive solution and want a big budget sound, Control Room B is your answer.

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