• Dynamount Acoustic Guitar: The DynaMount remote microphone positioner is an excellent tool for recording an acoustic guitar at home. It is made to move the microphone along the sound source. It also lets you get the perfect take. We will do this in our most cost-effective studio to show a small at-home recording studio-like room.

    We will use our inexpensive Studio C so you can see that it is a typical home recording set-up and not a three-figure room. The DynaMount X1-R will hold the Edge microphone from Antelope Audio. The interface will be the Antelope Audio Discrete 4, and ProTools will be the DAW. The Antelope Audio allows you to choose from many different microphone and preamp models. It also allows you to use effect on the way in like compression and EQ.

  • How To Record

  • DynaMount Acoustic Guitar: The idea of this tutorial will be to use the DynaMount WiFi remote microphone mount and emulations to change the sound of the acoustic guitar for a great take. To start, we will use the DynaMount robotic microphone mount in the middle spot. It will allow for a forward and backward movement. Also, we will place the DynaMount so that the microphone is facing the spot on the acoustic guitar where the neck meets the body. The DynaMount side to side movement will allow the mic to track to the right along the neck and left into the body past the soundhole. The microphone will be 90 degrees and facing the acoustic guitar. It is the middle spot of the DynaMount, allowing off-axis movement to the right and left.

  • DynaMount Acoustic Guitar Recording

  • We will play the acoustic guitar as the DynaMount X1-R is moving to allow you to hear the sound differences. Studio C is not a treated room here at Starsound Studios and also the reason why we are doing this test here. It is a typical home recording studio environment.  Listen to the sound as the movement makes the change.  We will mount a camera on the microphone so you can see where the mic is as it is moving.  It will allow you to hear the sound you like and know where the mic is on the acoustic guitar.  Then it is a matter of reproducing that at home.  Or better yet, purchase a DynaMount remote microphone mount and see for yourself.





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