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    July 16, 2018 | Wade Nichols
  • The DynaMount Remote Microphone Positioner is an excellent tool for recording guitar tone at a home recording studio. Everyone is chasing a particular guitar tone. So why not use a tool that will allow you to dial in the exact guitar tone you want while recording at home?

    The DynaMount is a robotic microphone system that you can control via WiFi with an iPad, phone, or CPU. The concept is straightforward. A human cannot remember what something sounds like for more than a few seconds. When walking back and forth from your amp to a typical mixing set-up takes longer than your aural memory. So how can you tell if your guitar tone changes were better or worse? You can’t.

  • How To Set Up The DynaMount


    DynaMount to the rescue! Set the DynaMount in the center of the dust cap on the speaker cabinet and center the unit itself. This location gives you the movement to both sides. Also, set the DynaMount to the center of the platform so you can move forward and backward about the grill of the guitar cabinet. Now you are ready to experiment.

    Dial-in the exact tone you are looking for in the room where your cabinet is. When you have achieved the guitar tone you are looking for, you move into the mixing position. While the guitarist is playing, move the microphone on the DynaMount until you hear the exact tone you are looking for coming from your monitor speakers.

  • The Last Thing To Consider


    It has now provided you with the exact guitar tone you are looking to achieve. What is left? Good question, thank you for asking. Now you have to blend your second guitarist. Remember, guitars take up the same space in the mix. If they are relatively the same tone-wise, they will mask each other, and your mix will suffer.

    So once you have followed the previous directions for both guitarists, now you have to blend them into one unit. Use the DynaMount to make one guitar a little higher in tone and one a little lower in tone by moving the microphone. Each guitarist's tone will suffer slightly. However, the overall tone of the recording will sound much fuller.

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