• Dynamount Remote Microphone Mount

    March 18, 2018 | Wade Nichols
  • The Dynamount remote microphone mount is the perfect solution for dialing in a great sound. For this blog, we will focus on dialing a guitar sound. However, you can use the Dynamount remote microphone mount for many other recording situations in the studio. So, how can the Dynamount remote microphone mount help you achieve a guitar sound? First, you must get the guitar sound you desire by manipulation the guitar head’s parameters to sound how you want it to in the room. We do this with the amp at a very high volume. The tubes warm and drive the cabinet. Secondly, we have the guitarist enter the control room. A very long cable is needed. The sound coming from the control room speakers must match the live room. The Dynamount remote microphone mount is then thrust into action.

    Next, use the App on your tablet to move the microphone in the live room from where you sit in the control room. Imagine, you can now sit in the sweet spot and control what the guitar sounds like in the control room. The purpose is to match the sound in the live room with the guitar sound coming from the control room speakers. Lastly, you are ready to record. The trick is to capture your album sound when recording. There are treatment steps during mixing and mastering that will alter the original sound of the cabinet. However, the closer you dial in the tone with the Dynamount remote microphone mount, the less work is to be done to get the album sound you desire.

    Check out the Dynamount remote microphone mount today, or you can visit us at Starsound Studios, and we will take care of it for you. Until next time.

  • Dynamount Remote Microphone Mount Home Studio Recording


    Remotely adjust the microphone’s position to dial in the sweet spot quickly and easily from your computer or mobile device. The Dynamount Remote Robotic Microphone Mount is an excellent addition to full commercial and home recording studios. Mic placement with the Dynamount is a breeze! There are presets on the Dynamount that allow you to store exact mic placement for your clients. Here at Starsound Studios in Cleveland, Ohio, we use the Dynamount to capture the perfect sound and for ideal sound duplication.

    For professional results with audio production for your commercial or home-studio, check out the Dynamount Robotic Microphone Mount Positioner! (Great for recording guitars) and more!

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