• Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design. Here at Starsound Studios, we offer graphic design to complete your recording project. We can help design YouTube thumbnails for your video. Shoot a video or pictures in the green screen room, and those images transfer to web pages, YouTube videos, CD covers, or any other promotional material.

    The advantage of having us do your graphic design is two-fold. First, you do not need to go to other places, which helps in time management and in having to explain your project more than once. Secondly, there is a synergy to working on music and art in one broad stroke. As the ideas flow for the recording process, they begin to gel for the graphic design as well.

  • Graphic Design Can Help My Project?


    Graphic Design can help in many ways. We also create photos in such a way as to use them more than once. Please take a picture in our green screen room, remove the green background, and save the photo. Now that one photo can be used in flyers, posters, social media sites, websites, CD covers, or all of these. So one session can help in so many ways. When your imagery changes, put a new background in where the green currently is. Create an original image from the same work.

    Here at Starsound Studios, we think of all sorts of graphic design while recording our clients. It goes hand in hand. You hear a song, and images come to mind. They do not always fit what our clients are looking for, but portions of it might. Plus, the more we get to know our clients and build that relationship, the more our thoughts and ideas start to mesh.

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