• Have Examples – How Do You Prepare For A Recording Session Studio 101

    February 18, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • Have examples. I know, you are an original band. However, you do have influences and bands you respect and want to sound like. Your original material makes it different. But you can go after a tone or feel of a group you like. Let's say you are a metal band. You sound nothing like Metallica. However, you want the power and tone of the song Enter Sandman. Your song is nothing like it, but you respect the sound. So how do you do that? We are happy you asked.

    Have examples and bring them to the initial meeting with your studio or to the first session. Have the engineer listen to the song. This way, as you are getting set up and setting sounds, the engineer can follow the example. The engineer can pay attention to the tone and help you tweak your sounds to capture the sound of the band you are trying to emulate on the CD example.

  • I Have Examples - So How Does That Help?


    ProTools, as well as most DAW's, have an input monitor button. This allows you to listen to what is coming into ProTools. Put the example you brought to the studio on the master track. Now you can toggle the button on and off. When the switch is on, you are listening to the band. When it is off, you are hearing the example. Obviously, the songs are different, but you can achieve the same tone and power.

    If you have examples, you help the engineer accomplish what you want out of the recording. If you come in saying make it browner, that is left up to interpretation. Also, that would be a very long conversation. If you have examples, the dialogue and outcome are entirely different and very much so for the better.

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