• How To Record Acoustic Guitar (Acoustic Guitar Mic Placement)

    January 6, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • How To Record Acoustic Guitar? If you are not going direct, it is all about mic placement. Place the microphone too close to the soundhole, and you will get more body because of the proximity effect. Set the mic closer to the neck, and you will get more sparkle. You will get more direct acoustic guitar sound and less room the closer the microphone gets to the acoustic guitar. You will get more room sound farther away. What do you do?

    How To Record Acoustic Guitar? In comes the Dynamount X1-R. It will allow you to move the microphone along the sound source in real-time while you are in the sweet spot listening to the result. As soon as you find the perfect place, you can save it as a preset and keep experimenting. It is an ideal tool for capturing excellent sound and lets you get the best mic positions.

  • How To Record Acoustic Guitar - Get Perfect Mic Placement With The Dynamount X1-R


    Which would be more productive, a less expensive microphone placed perfectly, or a very expensive microphone placed in the wrong spot? I submit that it is former and not the latter. Mic placement is everything. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix, it only makes it less miserable. Capture the sound that you want right away, and your recordings will always sound better. How To Record Acoustic Guitar? Microphone placement is the answer and key. Using the Dynamount X1-R is the way to do it efficiently and effortlessly.

    The Dynamount X1-R is how to record acoustic guitar. With its ability to move the microphone around in three ways, you will be able to find the perfect spot on your sound source. The sound source today is an acoustic guitar. It can be any source. Click the link provided in the video or at the end of our blog and get your very own Dynamount X1-R today.

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