• Live From Starsound

  • Live from Starsound. We are offering a premium service to broadcast your live concert event right from our Studio A Live Room. We have everything you need for a live show. Live From Starsound will enable your group to do several things. First, you will be able to pick an event day and time. Secondly, you can let your audience know electronically by email, Facebook, at your live gigs around the city, just like you do for a regular gig. Next, we will capture your sound before going live. Lastly, you will be performing on our show called "Live From Starsound," which is broadcasting straight to YouTube.

  • What Else Can We Do With The Recording Of Live From Starsound?


    We will be recording the entire show in ProTools as well. You will have a studio recording of the show. You can then choose to have the tracks from the event mixed and mastered like a regular studio visit. Once the show is complete, the live recording is just like tracks from any other studio recording. You can replay your instrument over any mistakes. You can use the music bed and re-sing using recording studio methods and do a vocal comp. The entire live stream event becomes a regular recording session. Imagine, you can play the live show, and then turn that recording into a CD!

    Live From Starsound is not just a streaming service. It is a full recording production as well. If you choose to pay for studio time to make a CD out of your live streaming event, don't forget about our Green Screen Room. Get your group photo in our green screen room and use it to put any background you desire behind the band. Use that for a CD cover, flyers, or on a web page. Anything is possible at Starsound Studios. Book your live streaming event with benefits today. 

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