• Live Room

  • Starsound Studios has a 16 foot by 22 foot live room. It has been treated with acoustic panels in the same manner as the control room. It offers high-end guitar amplifiers and cabinet combinations. Both Marshall and Mesa Boogie matching amplifier and cabinet combinations are available. The live room also has four high-end keyboard options, as well. Achieve a perfect piano sound with the Roland RD 800. The ideal analog sound comes from two of our boards, the Prophet 12 and the Moog Sub Phatty.

    Last but not least, is our Hammond SK 1. They are the organ Gurus. We also provide a seven-piece PDP drum set as well as Sabian AAX Studio cymbals.

    One of the unique features we have is the Dynamount. It allows us to automatically move the microphone on the cabinet in real-time as a guitarist plays the instrument. What does that mean? We can dial in your exact tone with a press of a button on our app. That button press moves the microphone at the other end of the room. You can now decide in real-time what your guitar sounds like on your record. How cool is that?

    Lastly, we have a lighting rig and mounted cameras within the light truss. We can light you properly and capture your recording session on video. You can use it as documentation of the event, or use it as a band video. Finish off a recording session with a photoshoot in our Green Screen Room! Think about it, at Starsound Studios, you can have every recording, video, photo, and mastering option in one location. Take advantage today!

  • Monitoring In Our Live Room


    Studio A's Live Room has you covered. We offer a 16 channel mixer right on your microphone stand. It receives a full signal, and you can dial in your mix independently of each other and the actual recording. The audio is sent to those mixers by the Behringer X Air 18. It is controllable by an app on our tablet.

    Some of the instruments with multiple microphones are mixed on the Hear Technologies Hear Back Mixer split the signal to the X Air. The X-Air receives the kick, snare, toms, cymbals, keys, guitar 1, guitar 2, bass, five vocal channels, Stereo ProTools, and the Click Track.

    All 16 channels are at your disposal. Turn them up or down at your whim. On each channel of your mixer is a section to add EQ or compression to the sound as well. Also, the X-Air offers effects, Reverb, Delay, and more on each channel that is controllable by the tablet. All of that flexibility without harming the original tracks that you are recording. Starsound Studios can dial in the monitor sound you love tracking with guaranteed. Come by and check it out. We feel all the unique features in our Live Room are amazing.

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