• Mastering with the Black Box (HG-2). The Black Box (HG-2) adds weight and dimension to a mix by adding harmonic distortion. If you are looking for that warmth and depth to your mix, the Black Box Analog (HG-2) is your answer.

    The unique signal path is the way mastering with the Black Box (HG-2) gives the mix analog goodness. First, the audio hits the input transformer. Next, it can move in 2 directions to the Pentode tube circuit and the Parallel Saturation tube circuit back to the Pentode. This circuit will enable us to add parallel compression. Furthermore, it moves to the Triode tube circuit and then hits the passive output attenuator. Finally, it reaches the output transformer.

    The features do not end there. It has a Saturation Frequency selector. The frequency selector allows you to manipulate the frequency of the material. In flat mode, it is affecting the entire signal. In the low position, it changes the low-end sound of the content and the same with the high position switch touching just the highs.

    Mastering with the Black Box Analog (HG-2) also gives you an air boost and alt. tubes. The “air” boost is a gentle high-frequency lift that starts at 10khz and gently rises to 20kHz. The boost inserts in the main signal path at the Triode gain stage. The “Alt tube” selector lets you choose between two sets of 12AX7 tubes in the parallel saturation mode. The “alt” tube is a little more aggressive. The alt. path gives you a full range of tones and saturation types.

  • Mastering With The Black Box (HG-2) And Its Power


    The power of mastering the Black Box (HG-2) is in the way it transforms your mix into a radio-worthy product without having to be a rocket scientist to use it. At Starsound Studios, it is used as the last stop in our mastering chain. We have put it through its paces to find the perfect setting to create the sound of our studio. It can be used in many different ways. We highly recommend mastering with the Black Box (HG-2) to upgrade your master recordings to a whole new place.

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