• Mixing Audio In Cleveland Ohio

    September 20, 2017 | Wade Nichols
  • Mixing audio in Cleveland, Ohio, at Starsound Studios. Set your mixing and mastering chain up before making any mixing moves. It would be best if you made your choices based upon the final workflow chain. A common mistake when using a limiter is adding it after mixing the song. The problem with this method is your mix balance was not based upon that limiter being there in the first place.

    Starsound Studios offers mixing audio in Cleveland, Ohio. We can mix tracks from local bands or remotely. Send your consolidated WAV files to us, and we will mix and master your song and send you back a finished product. You can be confident in Starsound Studios - the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Mixing audio in Cleveland Ohio means you can take advantage of our analog/digital hybrid system. We use the best of both worlds at Starsound Studios. We use an analog summing matrix and also have dedicated Pro Tools I/O for analog 500 modules. This means you can use analog modules as plugins! Imagine that. This is the best of both the analog and digital worlds.

  • Mixing Audio In Cleveland Ohio - Primary Tip


    The most original mixing audio in Cleveland Ohio tip is recording your tracks correctly, to begin with. This most critical step is not only understood but implemented daily by Starsound Studios. We know there is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. The only thing that you can do is make it less miserable. So we choose to set levels and record accurately from the start. This method makes our mixes sound so much better.

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