• No Place For Creativity | How To Prepare For A Recording | Studio Session

    February 17, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • No Place For Creativity? What do you mean? We are so glad you asked. If you are spending your money on an expensive recording, you want it to come out right, don't you? So you need to come into a commercial recording studio after super preparation at home. It really is no place for creativity.

    You want to be able to play the song so well that if you fell in the parking lot entering the building, you can crawl in bleeding and head aching, and still play it like a champion. Think about that statement and what it means to you. How long would you have to practice to do that? It means a whole lot of practice and effort to play flawlessly to me. If you come to a studio after preparing like that, it will sound like it. If you go to the studio to be creative and wing it, the listener will hear it had no plan. I realize this takes all of the fun out of playing, and you think it is boring. However, your record won't sound boring. You can count on it.

  • If The Studio Is No Place For Creativity, Now What?


    If you are going into the studio to record a song, play only that song for weeks prior. Then go into the studio. I know it isn't enjoyable. The recording lasts forever. Make that moment stand out! The studio is no place for creativity. That should have been done at home. You are at the studio to work a plan, not make things up out of thin air.

    The studio is no place for creativity. You can make time in your studio budget for experimenting. This should be done after accomplishing your goal, and the track is done. Schedule Twelve hours. Work your plan in the first ten. Get the recording, mixing, and mastering perfect. Now use the last two hours for experimentation. Maybe you catch lightning in a bottle. Going into the studio, hoping to find electricity, only gets you burned! Now, do you see that the recording studio is really no place for creativity? The creative is in working out the song at home.

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