• No Same Day Appointments – How Do You Prepare For A Recording Session Studio 101

    February 24, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • No Same-Day Appointments. This should be a no brainer. A lot has to be done before entering a studio. We recommend a meeting taking place to go over every aspect of the recording project. This is a business meeting. Expressing expectations by both the studio and the client is very important. Topics include the following: Timeliness, the amount of time involved, sounds created, parts to be recorded, delivery platforms and the list goes on.  

    The client usually calls the studio and states that they only need 3 hours. This may be true for their side of the equation. The studio needs time, as well. That time could include: Set up, recording, editing, mixing, and mastering. In previous blogs and videos, we recommend ten hours per song.

    The setup process is the most valuable and arguably gets the least amount of attention. Believe it or not, this is where your record sound is born. I have heard over and over, we will fix it in the mix. I am here to tell you that there is no such thing. You really cannot adjust a lousy recording. You make it less miserable. If you do not love the original dry tracks, you will not enjoy the final result. Care must be taken in the setup time; that is why there are no same-day appointments at our studio.

  • No Same Day Appointments? Well Now What?


    No same-day appointments. You guys are ruining the creativity and the natural energy that I have. That may be true. You want your recording to sound like it should, right? You would like it to look like it belongs on the radio. Do you really think that a national recording artist wakes up one morning and thinks to themselves, I'm going to the studio and make platinum hits? Time, planning, energy, and effort went into developing that song to the point that it could be taken to the studio. Not beforehand. It is super hard to catch lightning in a bottle. It can be done, but it is sporadic.

    Success comes from planning and knowing what to expect. That does not happen driving down the street and to decide to call a studio. A studio that is worth their weight in gold would not schedule you the same day. The business has to happen first. Going to the studio is not a spur of the moment activity, going out to eat is. Even then, you may need a reservation. A reservation takes planning and forethought and even more critical when recording. A recording is preserved forever. Do you really want to apologize for it every time you play it for someone?

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