• Professional Karaoke Vocal Recording

  • Get a Professional Karaoke Vocal Recording here at Starsound Studios. Karaoke is a device that plays instrumental accompaniments for a selection of songs. The user sings along with the accompaniment. The result is a combination of the two that records the user's singing with the music from the karaoke machine. It is also a form of entertainment involving the use of such a device in a club.

    At Starsound Studios, you can have a professional karaoke vocal recording along with your favorite songs. We have an extensive library of every karaoke song to date. Just like your favorite karaoke bar, choose your tunes, and sing your heart out. It is professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered for you to take with you. Just bring a thumb drive, or we upload it to google drive for you to download at home. We can even upload it to your Soundcloud, YouTube, or any other account.

    Getting a professional karaoke vocal recording means you sound like the pros. Sing on a fantastic microphone. Record on ProTools 2020 and mastered by the latest software from Izotope. Our Studio B has the most recent software to make you sound like a pro. Get your next professional karaoke vocal recording at Starsound Studios.

  • Starsound Professional Karaoke Vocal Recording


    Starsound Studios provides our clients with the very best in a recording. We also have a green screen studio that you can have a picture taken for an album cover. You can record several songs, get a professional photograph with any background that you want, and every song mastered to a polished radio product. We are studio partners with Disk Makers to have multiple CD copies made.

    We also provide 4K video services as well. You can have your session professionally recorded onto video. Put your newest songs on YouTube! Contact us and book your next recording session with confidence today. You are in good hands.

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