• Record Yourself | How To Prepare For A Recording Session | Studio 101

    February 17, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • Record Yourself? I know that is what you are coming to the studio for. So what gives? We are happy you asked. Record yourself on your cell phone. Put your phone at the other end of the room and record the group or yourself. Evaluate that sound, energy, and performance. If you can make that sound pretty good, think about how good it will sound at the studio.

    Make adjustments. Turn things down. Listen to each other musically to help make the phone recording sound good. Don't make it about ego. If you are too loud on the phone, you most likely are too loud everywhere you play. This kind of evaluation can be nerve-racking. However, it can also be a fantastic tool to further your band's live sound as well.

  • Record Yourself To Know What You Sound Like


    Record yourself so you will already know what an audio engineer at a commercial recording studio might suggest for you to do. The engineer might recommend for you to turn up or down. They also might ask you to change the sound of your instrument, so it blends better with the whole band. The idea is to capture from the very beginning what you want the group to sound like. That is the engineer's job. The engineer is not on anyone's side. They are on the side of what volume level seems good coming out of the control room speakers. Isn't that what you should be a fan of also? Make it easy on them by already having an idea of what you sound like beforehand.

    Record yourself and evaluate the result with no ego or agenda other than the betterment of the band. The recording studio session will be what you want to hear out of the recording. It will sound good because the playing and the blending of the talent will be as well.

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