• Recording In Cleveland Ohio At Starsound Studios

  • Recording Cleveland Ohio is our newest page providing videos about our methods and gives information about how to record music. We are working to inform our clients about every aspect of their recording ahead of time. There will never be surprises. There are many steps to accurately recording a song. Those steps are our best practices list. We will never compromise on the best practices step. This ensures that your project turns out the way you want it to.

    Let us talk about LUFS. It is a standard loudness measurement. Recording Studio Cleveland information page breaks down this concept so you can understand why recordings take time. LUFS stands for loudness unit full scale. Just like any measurement, it provides audio engineers with a standard to meet. A CD volume will land around -4 LUFS to -6 LUFS. That is loud. Sometimes this measurement is pushed to the very brink. That was the loudness wars.

    Social media platforms are a bit tamer. Sound Cloud is the loudest social media platform at -11 LUFS, which is 7 LUFS softer than CD volume. When you go into the studio to record for only 2 or 3 hours, the studio gives you one master recording at CD volume. Our Recording Cleveland Ohio page will show you how this is very harmful to add that to your social media platform of choice.

  • Why Recording Cleve. OH?


    Our example has a 7 LUFS difference if you are adding your CD volume recording to Sound Cloud. It is 9 LUFS louder if you add it to YouTube. YouTube's parameter is -13 LUFS. The difference is even further apart if adding it to Spotify or Tidal. Their settings are the same at -14 LUFS. That is 10 LUFS different from your CD.

    Our Recording Studio Cleveland page is here to help. We make you multiple masters to fit all of these parameters. If you put a song that is too loud onto one of these platforms, the algorithm does not warn you. It just squashes all of your hard work into a pancake for it to match its platform. Why would you work so hard to perfect your recording to have a social media platform change it?

    We have the solution. It takes time—more than the 3 hours that you are calling to purchase. Give us a call and find out why we are the right choice to make your project shine.

  • What About Gear?


    The gear we have is first class. The technical expertise is among the highest of levels. Great equipment and professional knowledge are the ingredients to a fantastic recording. The ears and vision of the engineer are necessary components as well. The ability to see the song's final result is the mark of a true professional.

    The engineer must be able to hear what an instrument sounds like in a room. He must then translate it to the recording medium. In other words, he must alter an instrument's sound through microphones and recording gear to a computer. This step is the most vital. The trick is to capture the source correctly. Let us show you the correct way to record your music.

    At Starsound Studios, we understand those complicated steps and make every effort to get a recording right. There is no such thing as fixing it in the mix. An engineer must capture the instrument sound with accuracy, and the audio tracks will blend better because of that precision. Our philosophy is simple. Record correctly to mix less.

    On a tight budget? We have multiple studios with an hourly rate for almost any budget to afford. For the amount of equipment and experience - you just can't beat our recording studios.

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