• Recording Studio B has several differences from our flagship Control Room A. That being said, it lacks nothing in quality. Both control rooms have Pro-Tools. Recording Studio B has Pro-Tools 12, and our control room - A has the Pro-ToolsHigh-Definition HDX system. Control room B utilizes electronics rather than live instruments to record. It incorporates the Eleven Rack guitar processors instead of guitar amplifiers. Also, it provides an electronic drum set. A Sans Amp RBI processor rather than a bass amplifier is also available. It has a smaller control room and "play" area than Control Room A. The playroom does not have professional room treatment. Since it utilizes electronics, the acoustic environment is not a factor.

    Both control rooms offer analog summing with the Dangerous 2-Bus LT. Recording Studio B provides a Rupert Neve Stereo Field Editor to finalize a mix. That field generator allows the engineer to manipulate the audio with Mid-Side processing. It offers the same features as Control Room A, just in a smaller package. Our clients have a choice in regards to budget but compromise nothing on sound quality.

  • Recording Studio B - Play Room Features


    Recording Studio B offers a line of sight and an excellent monitoring system. Every member of your group will be able to see one another. The fact that you can see each other is essential when playing as a group. Another important feature is our headphone monitoring system. The system provides eight individual channels instead of the sixteen in Control Room A. You can control your eight channels independently of each other and the recording. Get the exact sound you need to play and feel comfortable. There is an effect pedal on every microphone station. Every member of the band can dial in their vocals independently of the recording and each other.

    So if you are looking for an inexpensive recording solution for your band, Recording Studio B is your answer.

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