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    September 21, 2017 | Wade Nichols
  • Starsound Studios is the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio. There are several factors in choosing a recording studio. We will show you five reasons to choose Starsound Studios. First is setting proper levels. The second reason is capturing the sound in the room, and making sure it is translating through the monitors in the control room. The fourth reason is artist comfort. The last goal is to have fun darn it!

    Starsound Studios is the best recording studio Cleveland Ohio because we understand how to set level. We receive so many songs to mix where the tracks clip the first plugin on it. Clipping is no good. Where do you go from there? We then have to trim each track to grow the mix from that point. Never set an audio level that gives you no room to grow. Set it reasonably to start your mix from that keeps your faders at or around 0dB and no more.

    Capturing the sound in the live room is the second key. Listen to the instrument in question within the space. Record a section and listen back. Does the instrument sound coming from the control room monitors sound the same? If not, move the microphone. Repeat these steps until it is the same. You are not finished. Then listen to the two guitars or the kick drum and bass guitar. Are they fighting each other sonically? If so, then carving the original sound to your DAW will save headaches on the mixing side. Starsound Studios is the best recording studio in Cleveland because we capture the live room sound and make adjustments before actually recording the song. The results speak for themselves.

  • Recording Studio Cleveland Ohio - Comfort


    The last two factors are artist comfort and have fun darn it! Every studio has sofas, refrigerators, cold and hot drinking water, microwaves, etc. What the average studio does not do is spend time with their clients. Please get to know them. Talk with them. When you have a relationship with them, any suggestion or retake is not looked upon with disdain. You become a valued member of their team. The last advice is to keep it light and have fun. Get them laughing and joke around. I own my studio and my heart pounds when the record light is on. Do you think theirs is? I'm just saying.

    Starsound Studios is the best recording studio in Cleveland, Ohio, for these reasons and more. Please give us a call and see why today.

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