• Check out the videos of our recording studio Cleveland Ohio at Starsound Studios. Studio A offers an analog/digital hybrid way of recording. It uses 4 Audient mic preamps. The preamps signal is then going through our DBX compressor and EQ before it goes into Pro-Tools.

    Once it records into Pro-Tools, the analog part does not end there. A single channel is then going to an analog 500 module. We are making several videos to show this. Recording Studio A at Starsound Studios Cleveland is set up to use both analog and digital abilities.

    The videos will show how recording studio A at Starsound Studios uses the digital side. We have Pro-Tools HDX. This system does all of the work on a PCIe card. The system lets our high-speed computer work on native plugins and screen redraws only.

    On the digital side, we offer the Universal Audio Octo card. The videos will show how we use the effects that the Universal Audio card provides. Starsound Studios Cleveland knows how to use these digital abilities to their fullest.

  • Recording Studio Cleveland - The Final Step


    These videos will show the final step in this process. The final two-track mix goes back out into the analog world to our Rupert Neve Designs 500 modules. The signal goes back to Pro-Tools on an Aux track. The Aux track then goes to the Print track on a bus track and records as the final mix.

    On the Aux-track are more digital plugins. The hybrid system also works in our favor when the analog signal comes back on the Aux with digital plugins doing more work. The blend of both analog and digital working in this hybrid manner is the future.

    Stay tuned for videos of our recording studios at Starsound Studios Cleveland, and feel free to contact us.

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