•  Recording Studio Ohio.  Starsound studios in Cleveland Ohio specializes in recording guitars.  We have a way of getting that perfect guitar sound.  We record two microphones off of the cabinet plus a direct channel right from the guitar.  This way we can manipulate that direct signal through re-amping, amp modeling, or add live or modeled pedals to the signal.  The three guitar signals recording at the same time makes us a top recording studio Ohio choice.

    One of the microphones on the cabinet uses the Dynamount.  It is a moving platform for a mic.  The moving platform allows us to move the mic across the guitar speaker cabinet.  The Dynamount also will enable us to move that microphone in and out and side to side.  Moving the microphone side to side gives off-axis recording opportunities.  The moving platform is a big reason Starsound Studios is the only choice when choosing a recording studio Ohio.

    What makes the moving platform even more useful is the fact that an iPad controls it.  What the iPad control allows us to do is have the guitarist play in the control room.  We first get the guitar sound from our Mesa Boogie or Marshall guitar rigs.  We listen to how the cabinet sounds in the room.  When the guitarist likes the sound in the room, we then proceed to the control room.  We play in the control room and continue to move the microphone along the guitar cabinet until the sound of the room is coming out of the control room speakers.

  • Recording Studio Ohio - The Most Critical Step


    The most critical step when recording is capturing the sound you hear in the room.  The Dynamount is the perfect tool for that.  Without it, we would have to run back and forth and may lose the original sound by changing the microphones manually.  We can stay in the control room and operate the mic from there.  How cool is that?

    When recording guitars at Starsound Studios, we are the only choice when selecting a recording studio Ohio.