• Recording Studio Tour Starsound Studios Cleveland Ohio

    November 25, 2017 | Wade Nichols
  • Hi everybody, welcome to Starsound Studios. Come on in!


    After walking in the front door, you enter our kitchen. We have the usual for our clients. We have a small refrigerator and have cold and hot water dispenser. Also, we have a microwave. During a session, we can sit around the table and have a meal. Let's continue the tour.


    The first studio room you enter is our Green Screen Studio. We offer both video and photography for album covers and flyers. It is also great for promotional material. Furthermore, we can expand the room further by pulling the curtains in Studio C. This way, we can film from further away. If we are not shooting, the green screen curtains move back, and we use this room for our third studio. Let's continue the tour.


    Next is our production facility. It has Pro-Tools 12.8 and uses Izotope products for mixing and mastering tracks. The room offers Event 20-20P and matching subwoofer speakers. It also provides a Presonus Fader Port control surface and a Mackie Big Knob speaker switcher. This space is used for electronic music, and for that reason, there is no acoustic treatment. It also offers an Akai MPC Live, a controller keyboard, Avid 11 Rack and Rockman guitar preamps, and a Marcus Miller Bass preamp.

    Since it is all electronic, there is no need. This room is for Pop, Rap, Hip Hop, EDM, DubStep, and many other electronic genres of music. This space is not for bands. It is intended for individual artists. Also, we offer our Karaoke packages in this room. Studio C is the most economical studio of the 3. It is $20.00 an hour with a 10-hour minimum or $200.00 to book. Let's continue the tour.

  • Recording Studio Tour Studio B Playroom



    The next stop on our recording studio tour is the Studio B PLAYROOM.

    The studio B playroom is not a treated room. It is not necessary since the equipment is all electronic. Here is our keyboard rig for this space. It is a Korg Mini-loge, and a Korg X-5D. As we move through the room, you can see that we have five microphone stations. 2 guitars, one keyboard, 1 Bass, and one singer. There is an electronic drum set.

    It has four drum brains running it instead of just one. One drum brain is exclusively for the snare, 1 for the kick, 1 for toms, and one for cymbals. This way, we can manipulate them individually in a mixdown. If we only had one, that would be impossible. This room can record an entire band at once. Let’s continue the tour.

  • Studio B Control Room



    The control room for studio B is a treated environment. Treatment means we analyzed the room by playing a test tone through the speakers to find what frequencies were overextended. Then the professional gave us a CAD drawing showing where to place each of the treatment elements.

    Room treatment is critical when mixing and mastering songs. Studio B is best suited for bands and individual artists alike. The room offers 2 11 rack guitar processors, a Sans-Amp RBI bass processor, and a Focusrite Liquid channel.

    The Liquid channel models ten different high-end microphone channel strips, which are a perfect addition to our all-electronic room. The room offers Pro-Tools 12.8, a Mixed Logic M-24 control surface, and Event Opal monitor speakers. The vocal microphone in control room B is a Blue Microphones Blueberry. Studio B is our mid-level priced room. This room is $30.00 per hour, with a 10-hour minimum or $300.00 to book. Let’s continue the tour.

  • Reccording Studio Tour Studio A



    The next stop on our Recording Studio Tour is Studio A CONTROL ROOM.

    Studio A is our flagship room. It is an analog-digital hybrid and Pro-Tools High Definition AAX system with 64 channels in and out of Pro-Tools. The 4 8 channel console grade Audient preamps start the front end of our DAW. We also have 4 Presonus Studio Channel preamps. Each of our preamps has analog EQ and compression on them with the DBX 500 modules.

    The live room sends 36 microphones to our Radial OX8. The splitter lets us record independently of our monitor rig. The monitor rig gets the split signal, and we combine like instruments to take the 36 microphones on stage and put them into our 16 channel monitor rig. So the five tom microphones, the seven signals from our keyboards, the four cymbal microphones are each sent to one channel of our monitor rig.

    Our monitor rig goes to mixing boards on each microphone stand, which we will talk about when we get to the live room. We have analog 500 modules to continue the analog-digital hybrid. These entire analog pieces of gear work together to achieve your sound. The Universal Audio LA-610 MkII accepts our Neumann TLM-49 microphone. They are our vocal microphone and preamp combination in Studio A. This is our high-end room and $50.00 per hour with a 10-hour minimum or $500.00 to book. Let’s continue the tour.

  • Recording Studio Tour Live Room



    This is the last stop on our Recording Studio Tour. We have five microphone stations and acoustic drums. It is a 24’ X 16’ treated room. Furthermore, it enables us to videotape a recording session with multiple cameras mounted to our truss. The truss also allows us to light each microphone station. We also have 3 GoPro cameras to clamp to the end of your guitars. They will capture that intimate performance. As we get closer to each microphone station, you will see that it offers a ton of flexibility. Each has a 16 channel mixing board.

    The artist using that station can control the mixing board independently of the other artists in the band and the recording itself. Imagine, you can have the perfect mix to perform. Also mounted on the stand is an individual effect processor. You have your own TC Electronics Helicon.

    It also is independent of the other artists in the band and the recording. Now you can also have the perfect vocal effects that you want at your fingertips. We feel this is the most crucial element for a great band recording. The artist’s ability to have the perfect mix is as natural as that.

  • Studio Instruments


    Our keyboard rig boasts a Roland 800, a Hammond XK-c, a Prophet 12, and a Moog Sub 37. We selected these keyboards for their sounds and the sought after abilities of each.

    We have two separate high-end guitar rigs. A Marshall DSL 100H amp head with a Marshall 1936V 2-12 cabinet. The second guitar rig is a Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier amp head with a Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2-12 cabinet. 

    The Bass rig has an Ampeg PF-500 amp head and an Ampeg PF 2-10HE cabinet. The Marshall and the Ampeg amplifiers have a Rivera Rock Crusher attenuator to get all the guitar tone without the loudness. The Mesa has one built internally.

    The drum set is a PDP 8 piece kit with a Gretch USA Custom snare. Along with the drums are Sabian AAX Studio cymbals. We use Telefunken microphones and three sets of the sE5P stereo pair for Hat, Ride, Overheads, and room microphones up in the truss. The guitar and bass rigs are Telefunken and sE Voodoo ribbon microphones. Hopefully, seeing the Recording Studio Tour helps you decide on a recording studio. We feel our studio is one you can choose with confidence. 

    This concludes our tour. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. Thanks for dropping by and see you soon!

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