•  Recording vocals are our specialty at Starsound Studios. Any vocal recording must have great care taken in the choice of microphones and pre-amps. Capturing the right sound is paramount. Recording vocals is a very intimate situation. We take pride in providing a vocal artist the best listening environment, a comfortable vibe, and a spacious booth with all the accessories needed.

    There are three critical factors to consider when recording vocals.  First is the microphone.  At Starsound Studios we have the Neumann TLM-49.  Its design is specifically for recording vocals.  It is not used on any other instrument and never leaves our vocal booth.  Second is the preamp.  We use the Universal Audio LA-610.  It also has a compressor built in it.  Not only is it an outstanding preamp, but it allows us to kiss the top transients to smooth out a vocal performance before any processing inside the computer. Lastly, is an excellent converter.  We have high definition audio converters.  The combination of these three will ensure your next vocal recording will be professional.

  • Recording Vocals Mix Position


    You will have your vocal mixer at your fingertips. This way you can control what you wish to hear and how loud. We have Focal headphones which have outstanding sonic quality. Good quality headphones will make any vocal recording a success! When you can monitor yourself correctly, you can more easily achieve an excellent take.

    We take great pride in processing vocals in a way that they have all the effects they need without sounding that way. In the songs we record, there is a lot of processing. However, when in the context of the rest of the mix, the vocals sound natural. The sound is warm and inviting. We believe that effects should not be overwhelming and that you should be the star - not the effects! See why we make the difference.