• Remote Recording Cleveland Ohio

    November 1, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • Remote recording Cleveland Ohio is a brand-new service offered by Starsound Studios. We come to your gig and record all of the songs you play that night. We bring a splitter that you plug your instruments and microphones into. Those microphones are then split into two separate signals. One goes to your mixing board, and you mix your live show as you would normally. The other split comes to our recording rig. They are entirely independent, and one does not affect the other.

    Remote recording Cleveland Ohio has multiple ways to upgrade the original package. You can add mixing and an audio master back at our studio. This feature allows you to re-record parts, and mix the song more towards a competitive radio mix. The original package is a live recording. A live recording sounds just as it implies - we remote record you playing live. You can choose to add mixing and polishing to that package for a much better result.

  • Can I Add To The Remote Recording Cleveland Ohio?


    Another way to enhance remote recording Cleveland Ohio is to add a camera shoot to the package. We can set up one stationary shot, and you can have a video of the live performance. Or, you can add the mixing to this package and have that competitive radio sound added to the video. Also, you can add multiple cameras to the original mobile recording package. This way, there will always be the static whole stage shot along with close-ups with the other cameras.

    Remote recording Cleveland Ohio allows you to have an original audio recording of the performance. However, it also allows a full-blown video and audio enhancement, as well. There is no new scheduling, set-up, or hassle on your end. Play your gig as you usually would. Our latest service will be available in the spring at a concert near you, so choose to use remote recording Cleveland Ohio for your next gig.

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