• The Cleveland Recording Summit

  • The Cleveland Recording Summit is a new event in the Cleveland area.  After our highly successful debut in June, we are back at it this October 7 & 8th.  It will be held here at Starsound Studios. We are striving to host the highest-level talent in the music industry to come and teach you about recording. There will be 3 to 4 Masterclasses a year. You will also benefit from the career experiences of the best professionals at their respective craft. The Cleveland Recording Summit will present recording drums, guitars, vocals, bass guitar, keyboards, mixing, mastering, and multiple music genres. We have something for everyone who wants to be better at what they do. There are 20 seats available, so act now; they will sell out fast. Save the date - October 7th and 8th, 2021 - and reserve your seat now.

  • The C. R. S. Instructors October 8 & 9th, 2021

  • Wade Nichols owns Starsound Studios and its YouTube channel. Early in his music career, he ran live sound for national recording artists, live theater, and local bands. He also wrote three albums which garnered airplay on local Milwaukee radio.

    Wade started Starsound in 1993 and relocated it to his hometown in Northeast Ohio in 2001. Tiffin University accredits Wade for their recording internship program serving as a mentor.  This melds perfectly with being an elementary school teacher.

    Wade is also a multi-instrumentalist and rock vocalist.  He formed Rock Rewind and served as its guitarist and vocalist.  Being on both sides of the recording glass gives him a unique perspective when helping other artists find their voice and vision.


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  • The Cleveland Recording Summit Sponsors - October 8 & 9th '21

    The Cleveland Recording Summit has heavyweight industry sponsors as well as the talent teaching you.  Telefunken microphonesATC Speakers, and Starsound Studios. Each company will donate an item for raffle and goodies for the swag bag. Win a microphone, a Dynamount remote microphone motorized platform, gift cards from Sweetwater and Starsound Studios, and of course, the swag bag of assorted goodies. We would not be able to bring this high-quality event without these excellent companies' support. The Cleveland Recording Summit will continue to offer you the very best talent and sponsorship.

  • The Cleveland Recording Summit Cost - October 8 & 9th, '21

    The Cleveland Recording Summit will cost $350.00 per person. The cost will include two days of instruction, coffee, water and pop, doughnuts, lunch, a chance to win several high-value raffle items, and everyone in attendance receives a swag bag. The first day will start with coffee and doughnuts. Instruction will begin at 9:30 on day one. The plan will include microphone choices and placement, dialing in the sound source, setting recording levels, tracking with or without plugins, why these steps are necessary, gain staging, and recording the sound source. There will be a studio hang after the first day. Enjoy a tour of Starsound Studios and have a conversation with others in the masterclass, along with the talent in a more intimate setting.
    The second day will start the same with coffee and doughnuts. We will then recap the first day, discuss overdubs, mix the song, plugins, gain staging, the why behind choices made, and all other details of making the tracks we laid down a hit.

  • Industry Learning In The Past

    How potential audio engineers learned in the past is by being an intern at a recording studio. That internship was cleaning the studio and not having anything to do with music for a long while. Then slowly, the intern is introduced to the process by other engineers of that studio. That consisted of sitting in the room and not speaking or touching anything and would go on for months. When you were deemed ready, you could work on non-crucial music. Eventually, if you would last, you worked on more and more songs until you were one of the engineers of that studio.

    Our masterclass puts you in an actual recording situation and teaches you how the top people in the industry work without scrubbing the floor; unless you want to clean floors. Come and learn from the very best. Our instructors answer all questions and share their insights and trade secrets that made them highly successful. That knowledge is invaluable. Come find out why our instructors are the industry's finest.

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