• Timing And Dynamics – How Do You Prepare For A Recording Session Studio 101

    February 19, 2019 | Wade Nichols
  • Timing And Dynamics is everything. How tight a band is the most important thing. Yes, there is an editing ability. However, the closer you can be to timing, the better. That is why we say to practice to a click track. There is more than just musical timing. There is also how the groove feels. Feeling and emotion play a considerable role in how a song comes across to your audience. We also say, in a previous blog post, that recording is not creative. When you enter the studio, it must be with a clear mindset and plan. That plan had to be worked on for an extended period. This practice time, emotion, feeling, comes from timing and dynamics.

    Dynamics is the difference between the loudest part and the softest part that you are playing or in the entire length of the song. The loud parts can't be slammed, and the delicate parts cannot be so weak that they are barely audible. Let's take a singer, for example. You can convey emotion without getting super loud. Add grit, or angst, without volume. We also mentioned the microphone technique. A condenser microphone is much more sensitive than the dynamic microphone you sing within a live setting. Just the slightest increase in volume will be noticeable.

  • How Do You Practice Timing And Dynamics?


    We also mentioned in a previous blog, recording yourself. This will improve every aspect of your group, including timing and dynamics. When you use recording the band as a tool to grow, the problems will be self-evident. Once those are taken care of, you can focus on what really matters, and that is timing and dynamics. The groove and feel of the song. That is so important, almost as important as the song itself. A hit resonates with the audience in their bodies. Timing and Dynamics play a vital role in that resonance.

    As you pick up tips in our video series, you will improve all aspects of your group. It will not only help you when entering a recording session but also when you play live. Timing and dynamics will definitely help you live, as well. It takes time, discipline, and determination to improve in this area. We know you will be glad you did.

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