• Take our video walkthrough tour. Hopefully, this will answer most of your questions before deciding on which studio to choose. We feel you will select Starsound Studios every time. During the walkthrough video, you will see all three of our recording studios. Each of them has its unique features.

    On the video walkthrough of Studio C, you will notice a sleek environment made for beat production and song development. Studio C is our most economical studio. It will meet any recording budget. It is for solo artists to create their electronic music from scratch to completion. Or you can create your song and take it to another studio for final touches.

    The next stop on our video walkthrough is the green screen studio. In this room, you can create videos for your group. Also, we can do videos for businesses looking for Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube videos. You can get professional photos shot against the green screen to change the backdrop to whatever your heart desires as well.

    Moving on to our next stop on the video walkthrough, we will stop in Studio B. Studio B is an economical solution for music groups and bands. It offers an all-electronic solution. Our fantastic Guitar and Bass processors are used instead of guitar amplifiers. An electronic drum set is used alternatively to a real drum kit. This way, the environment does not need to be treated hence lowering cost. Also, the processors need less manipulation in the mix, as do amplifiers. No expensive microphones required on cabinets, which saves money. On a budget? Studio B is your group's solution.

  • Video Walkthrough: Our Flagship


    The last stop on our video walkthrough is Studio A. This is a top of the line analog-digital hybrid gem. Professional acoustic treatment don both the control room and the live room. We have been scrutinizing both the live room and control room with a fine-tooth comb. Once that was taken care of, the studio was well equipped. It boasts preamp, eq, and compressor on each of the 36 inputs recorded from our live room at once. That signal from the live room microphones is sent through a splitter first. It then hits our preamps and gets recorded. The other half goes to the monitor rig. The monitor rig lets you create your monitor mix independent of the recording and each other. 

    Starsound Studios is an affordable commercial studio that has everything an artist needs. It is indeed a one-stop-shop. Call us today.

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