• Vocals

  • Vocals at Starsound Studios are done right! Our vocal booth is the entire live room. The singer has a personal mixer that allows them to mix their vocals to what they want to hear. The acoustic treatment is for the best possible sound, and we have done that. The room provides a singer or voice-over artist the best possible music and a comfortable environment.

    The design of our Neuman TLM 49 microphone is just for vocals. Neuman microphone design is world renown because it delivers uncompromising sound quality. The Universal Audio LA-610 is this microphones destination.

    Our Universal Audio LA-610 is a high-quality 610 microphone preamplifier and an LA-2A compressor all in one. It delivers our big vocal sound and is the perfect mate to our Neuman microphone. A microphone sound and its preamp is the Pro-Tools input. A mic and its preamp work hand in hand to deliver impressive vocals.

    The treatments to our live room round out the overall excellent vocals. It has two bass traps and six absorbing panels. The room also has carpet for sound deadening. Our live studio is ideal for a band or an individual artist singing. Come check us out. Book your session today.

  • Special Processing On Vocals


    Do not forget the special processing that the artist gets. We offer all of the latest software options. Need a vocoder? How about Auto-Tune? The analog 500 modules give the artist in the room a smooth experience. Starsound Studios is so confident that you'll enjoy the experience.

    Vocal comping is a big deal. We are set up for that as well. Choose from multiple takes. Choose a single word from a separate recording take. Our studio has everything you need to cut a great vocal. The room has the right treatment, we have excellent gear, beautiful effects, and we are ready to go. Give your vocals a spin at Starsound Studios today!

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