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  • Voice-over & vocals in our studio are fantastic. At Starsound Studios, they are our specialty. A recording of a vocal that is not part of the narrative is a production technique used in radio, television, or other media presentations as a voice-over. The voice-over is reading from a script.

    It is usually pre-recorded and placed over the top of a video. Documentaries, news reports, or commercials use this technique. Vocals are the one thing we all record, and its the one thing all listeners hear. That fact makes it an essential part of a song. Therefore, it demands the most time and care in a recording.

    Any vocal recording must have great care taken in the choice of microphones and pre-amps. Capturing the right sound is paramount. Recording vocals is very intimate. We take pride in providing a vocal artist the best listening environment possible, a comfortable vibe, and a spacious booth with all the accessories needed.

    You have your vocal mixer at your fingertips. This way, you can control what you wish to hear and how loud. We have Focal headphones that have outstanding sonic quality.

    We try to maintain a pressure-free and compassionate environment. Vocalists are under an enormous amount of pressure. It is incredibly revealing. If we can make that less intimidating, your vocal take is that much better.

  • Check out our Voice Over and Vocals


    We take great pride in processing vocals in a way that they have all the effects they need without sounding that way. In the songs we record, there is much processing. However, when in the context of the rest of the mix, the vocals sound natural. The sound is warm and inviting. We believe that you should be the star - not the effects!

    Starsound Studios vocals are precise whether you are in Studio A, Studio B, or Studio C. That is why you are in good hands in either studio.  Please check out our Media Page for several audio examples.

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