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  • Studio Information: Why To Choose Us

    Studio Information. Starsound Studios is a North Royalton-based recording studio. We are committed to providing quality services for audio recording. We offer to mix and master audio recordings. Furthermore get a website or graphic design for your project. The studio provides photography and video services as well. Starsound Studios gives the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our company will do everything we can to meet or exceed your expectations.

    Studio Information. How we use industry standard gear. Starsound Studios provides you with the ultimate confidence and flexibility. How Starsound Studios uses its industry leading AVID Eleven Rack processor is one example. The Eleven Rack automatically saves its rig settings with the guitar audio track within ProTools. They work together seamlessly.

    You are completely taken care of if you choose to take the tracks to another studio that has an Eleven Rack processor. The information stored within the guitar track will send data to their Eleven Rack. It will change the new Eleven Rack to the rig settings that were made in our studio. Therefore it will sound the same. It will match your exact tone at an entirely different facility. What a fantastic feature.

    Now record your new guitar parts at the new facility. The tone will match the previous ones exactly. Trying to get the same sound any other way would be impossible. Every guitar amp sounds different even if they are the same model. The components align slightly different. The result is you cannot recreate the same guitar sound. In other words, using the Eleven Rack will afford you all the flexibility you could ever need.

    Record at Starsound Studios because it is the obvious choice. It is a good choice because we are set up well in the present. Rest assured you are set for the future as well.

  • Studio Information: Gear

    You may have read about the studio information and our incredible gear. There are four reasons for choosing Starsound Studios. It is a waste time recording at a first location. Then trying to find mastering at a second place. Packing up the project and getting the web and graphic design done by a third place. Lastly, getting CD duplication at another. We do not want you to waste time and money going from place to place. That is why we offer all of those services.

    All of the locations that you find may be just as capable as we are. When going from place to place, you will have to spend more time explaining your project again and again. Not to mention traveling. You have to complete the project in one location for it to look that way. We are a one stop Cleveland recording studio providing start to finish services under one roof.

    Spend all that time with us and get complete integration of services. We will ensure that your project will be seamless and therefore it will look and sound like that way. The time spent will help us focus in on what your project needs. Trying to get that from multiple locations will be very difficult. The time spent working closely together is where the magic happens.