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  • Wade Nichols


    Mixing & Mastering Engineer


    Wade is the owner of Starsound Studios and the owner and architect of the video tutorial company Faders Up OH. He grew up in Lakewood Ohio. Music has always been a part of his life. Wade took quizzes on what instrument was playing on a Herb Albert record by his parents while at the age of 3 or 4. That is how the obsession with music began!

    He sang in the choir at both school and church during middle and high school. After picking up the guitar, he started playing in bands in addition to learning to run sound for the job. His music endeavors from that point forward have consisted of just being in the right place at the right time. Therefore, the opportunity arose to run live sound for national recording artists, live theater, and hundreds of live local bands in and around the Milwaukee area. During that same time, he wrote three albums and those songs played on local Milwaukee radio stations. He played those same songs live on local cable shows as well.

  • Multiple Projects

    In 1993 owning and operating Starsound Studios was the next logical step. He re-established it after returning home to Northeast Ohio in 2001. He also started the arena rock tribute band Rock Rewind. All of the music, video, and light show Pre-Recorded for the unbelievable Rock Rewind show was recorded, designed, and played by Wade at Starsound Studios.

    Through it all, he studied to be a science teacher and was asked to teach music in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District in 2004. After that, he wrote a grant, and it was accepted. Then he installed a recording studio lab in the back of the school auditorium. That building closed and Wade is currently teaching Computer Technology.

  • Meeting His Mentors

    He had the great fortune to travel to New York and learn from Grammy nominated recording engineer Fab Dupont. After that experience, he flew to Boston for another opportunity to work with a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer and professor at Berkley College of Music Johnathan Wyner. He has also driven to Sweetwater in Fort Wayne Indiana to learn from resident engineer Mark Hornsby. He has also taken a master recording class with Ed Cherney. Ed has won several Grammy, TEC, and Emmy awards. The incredible list of mentors has imparted years of recording and engineering wisdom. Therefore, Wade has accumulated a lot of knowledge to pass on to his clients. In other words, they will benefit in the sound of their recordings.

    Currently, he is also taking classes in the RAT – Recording Arts and Technology program at Tri-C community college to earn an Associates Degree in recording/engineering. The running joke is he is back in school to learn what he already knows and does on a daily basis at Starsound Studios.

    All of this education that Wade has sought out makes our team the right choice for your next recording.

  • Daniel Drockton

    Assistant Engineer

  • Daniel has transformed himself from intern to Assistant Engineer at Starsound Studios. He will be in charge of our newest control room the Beat Production Studio and will also help run Studio B. Daniel is perfectly suited for the Beat Production Studio as it is designed for electronic music artists and he is one himself.