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    Starsound Studios is a high-tech Cleveland Ohio recording studio based in North Royalton and serves all of the Cleveland Ohio and beyond. Our service area includes the entire Northeast Ohio area, and we bring you Star Sound Quality. The Cleveland Ohio recording studio is focused on high-quality studio and graphic design services as well.


    We offer three different recording studios in Cleveland Ohio at various price points to meet any of our client's budgetary concerns without sacrificing sound quality. Starsound Studios services include mixing in Cleveland Ohio. Get audio mixing in Ohio professionally done. Quality mixing is an art form. It also has great value. We can also remotely mix the audio tracks of your song. Just invite us to your Google Drive, and we can download the tracks and take care of the rest.


    We offer recording services in Cleveland Ohio. The studios are well equipped to give an artist the very best audio recording in Ohio services available. We provide voice-over vocals as well. Whether you are a vocalist or a novel writer looking to record your book audio, we have you covered. Starsound Studios offers mastering in Cleveland Ohio and audio restoration. Mastering audio is the last step to make your song radio ready.

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  • Multiple Studios

    In Studio A, here at Starsound Studios, we have a digital-analog hybrid system that delivers that old school sound with modern gear. It combines the best of analog with the advanced capabilities of digital. In Studio B we offer an all-electronic solution for bands that are on a tight budget. Finally, our Beat Production Studio C is your solution for making electronic music including R&B, Rap, Dance, and Dubstep.

    Our attention to detail sets us apart from all the rest. Nothing gets overlooked. Come check us out. You will be happy you did. Customer satisfaction is our number one goal at Starsound Studios. As a result, we do everything we can to meet your expectations. Take our virtual tour and look around our website. If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Starsound Studios is a one-stop shop for all of your audio recording, mixing audio, mastering audio, video, website, and graphic design needs. We also have a studio solution for all budgets and musical endeavors. Book your session at Starsound Studios with confidence today!

  • Other Services

    The services do not stop there. We provide video and graphic design as well as photography, 4K video, and a green screen studio in Cleveland Ohio. There is also web creation, design, and SEO services for your band. We have everything you need for your web and graphic design projects to blend with your audio needs. The green screen studio in Cleveland Ohio is a fun way to create an excellent graphic design for your next recording project.

    We can set up an SEO optimized website with the exact graphics you desire. All of the photographs match perfectly. Graphic designs flow perfectly and seamlessly with your site. We are intended to be a one-stop shop for groups, individual artists, or bands to have all of their needs taken care of under one roof.

    The last service we provide is Professional Karaoke Vocal Recording in Cleveland Ohio. Recording karaoke vocals is a process similar to performing karaoke in a club. Just pick your favorite song and sing your heart out. Come and get your karaoke vocal recording done at Starsound Studios today.

  • Our Service Area Includes

    Cleveland. North Royalton. Brunswick. Strongsville. Medina. Hinckley. Brecksville. Richfield. North Olmsted. North Ridgeville. Lakewood. Rocky River. Westlake. Fairview Park. Brook Park. Berea. Middleburg Heights. Maple Heights. Parma. Beachwood. Solon. Independence, and more. Serving clients throughout the Greater Cleveland, Akron, and Canton Ohio areas.

    Also, We Serve the Following Counties: Cuyahoga. Lake. Lorain. Medina. Portage, and Summit Counties.

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