• Audio Examples

  • Audio Examples. Below are of our mixing work. There are songs from all genre's both done here at Starsound Studios and elsewhere. The songs done elsewhere are contest mixes. They consist of downloading all of the tracks and mixing them from the original raw WAV files.

    The raw WAV files have no processing on them, and the audio tracks arrive as the original recording. The audio data do not come in mix forms. We gain stage them immediately. Then we make individual choices as to what each instrument needs and treat them accordingly — all the while monitoring the entire mix through our mastering rig. The final MP-3 version of the master files here on this page is the result of our mixing work.

    Our Audio examples show a variety of mix choices and use of effects. We can take a song of yours and mix it to sound commercial ready. Even if you first record it somewhere else. Alternatively, we can record your song here and do the same. Whether you are recording the raw audio files here or elsewhere, it is irrelevant. As always, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us for more information.

    When you listen to any studio files, keep in mind the hours taken to get that project accomplished. If you hear something you really think is well done, it probably took more time than ones you think are average. A studio cannot dictate how much a client spends and, therefore, cannot dictate how a project turns out. All it can do is it's very best to make it sound as good as it can.

  • Audio Examples For Various Artists

  • Wallpaper Clouds

  • Country Wild

  • San Fransisco

  • Angels

  • Feel Good

  • Crash

  • Rudeboy Skankin

  • Firework

  • Lay Me Down

  • Jangilover


  • For Ya

  • Recordings At Starsound




  • Hush

  • I am

  • Intermission

  • Lady Of Leisure

  • Say The Word

  • Wicked Game

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