• Green Screen Studio

  • We use our green screen studio as a backdrop for chroma-key video and photography. It is a process that replaces a solid-color background from behind the person/people with a different environment. When you watch the TV weather person standing in front of a map, or your favorite superhero flying over a building, you see green screen studio photography.

    In a green screen studio, everyone asks, why use the color green? Because separating the background from a human subject in a photo or video is more comfortable if the environment is far from the natural skin tones of a human being., like the colors green and blue. If you are the Gecko with green skin, you are invisible!

    This process is as comfortable as taking a standard photo or video. Then, we remove the background, and the sky is the limit! We can put you anywhere. Do you want to play your next gig on Mt. Rushmore? No problem - we can make that happen. This process makes creating posters and flyers for your group a snap. Get one photo taken, remove the background, and insert the picture in different brochures.

  • Multi Uses For Our Green Screen Studio


    Use our room for flyers, photography, promo videos, corporate videos, corporate training videos, album covers, and types of social media purposes. It is an outstanding vehicle to make professional presentations without actually being at any one venue. Take pictures at the park without actually being there. Now your one great photo can be used anywhere!

    Make your next album/CD cover the best! A well-taken photo or video in our green screen studio can go a long way! Contact us today. Anything you can dream up, we can make that happen with both our recording studio and the green screen studio! Book your next session confidently with us. See what a difference it makes.

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