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    Studio 101 is a video tutorial series on how to achieve the most successful recording session possible.  In this video series, you will learn about Starsound Studios and what we have to offer our clients.  Also, Studio 101 will give you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your next studio session.  It will provide information on how to be prepared.  It is essential that you practice what you will be doing in the studio.  Studio 101 will show you how.

    Studio 101 will give you information on what you can expect from a recording studio.  A recording studio is first and foremost a business. So keeping a schedule, being on time, payment schedules, and time management during a session will be topics of discussion.  Studio 101 will show you that these things will not hinder an excellent recording.  Also, the actual recording, mixing, and mastering process is not a quick proposition.  If a studio says, it can get impressive results in a tiny time frame you need to run away.

    It will also show you what a studio might expect from you.  If you want a radio-ready recording, playing to a click track is a must.  A studio cannot edit without it.  Also, a Beat Per Minute song timing will be another topic of discussion.  A BPM will help the recording engineer set the parameters for a click track and the whole edit process.

  • More To Come

    Tune in frequently as we will be adding more and more videos. We are designing them to help you navigate the recording process and choose what is right for your group or you individually as an artist.  Please feel free to email us for a topic you would like to see. We will do our best to make a video to match your recording needs.

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